Frequently Asked Questions about Retail
How can I set up my catalog automatically?

First, you have to create your catalog in an excel sheet. Then you can simply upload that excel file to the software using the specific format or download the file and insert your catalog in that file. The software will automatically generate the information.

How does the priority thing work?

The highest priority value will be shown in the first place and the lowest priority value will be shown in the last place in the app.

How can I get the daily order summary?

You can find your order summary as well as the section, category, and item-wise sales from the ‘orders page’ under the order menu.

How to check the total amount of any product sold monthly or maybe in a day?

You can check the Daily or Monthly sales data of any product from the ‘performance report’ under the order menu.

How can I get the sales summary of my retail shop at the end of the day?

Simply, set your preferences to get the email notification after that, you can get the sales report on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis.

How can I set a discount offer to the software?

You can create Discount and Free item offers from “Promotions”. You need to create an offer and keep the status active.

Is it possible to include the VAT with different items?

Yes, you can keep the VAT inclusive or exclusive as you prefer. If you want, you can set the VAT manually for different categories, which will be added with the total price.

I am accepting BKash payments, which charges extra for each payment. I want my customers to pay the charge. How to set it in the software?

You can create Payment modes from Preferences. While creating a payment mode, you can define if the extra charges for that payment mode will be paid by the Restaurant or by the customers.

Can I provide an instant discount if there is no ongoing offer?

Yes, you can give instant discounts at any time to your customers even if there are no ongoing offers too. Set your preference for a discount by ticking the checkbox of “Discount by staff” on the website and you’ll be able to give a discount on the app.

Do you have your business portal linked to the app?

Yes, absolutely. You can set your menu, create promotional offers, set your preferences and so on in the portal and place your orders through the app according to your preferences to the portal.

How can I connect the printer to the app?

From the app’s settings option, connect a printer to print a receipt to the cash After placing an order through the App, you can easily get a copy of the receipt to the cash.

How can I connect the barcode to the app?

From the app’s setting option, turn on the barcode switch to connect the barcode to your app.

How can I set my business hour for my retail shop?

From the business hour page, you can simply set the opening and closing hours for your retail shop.

How do I know which items need to be restocked soon?

During stocking in a new item, you can define the reorder quantity. From the stock items list, you can check out the items below reorder quantity will show in red color, and then you know which items you need to be restocked soon.

What if my good turns up damaged or missing?

You can easily keep track of the items missing or damaged from stock-out history. Manually give the entry to the portal to create a new stock-out and if you have returned any items, you can keep track of the refund too

Can I update any consumption for any specific item manually?

Yes, you can create a new consumption manually by providing all the details to the portal.

How could I know about the total amount of money refunded in this month after I’ve returned some damaged items?

If you check the stock-out history, you will find if there is any money refunded after returning the damaged items to the supplier.

Is there any way to get updated about the stock items and consumed items on a particular week or month?

Yes, you can set the email notification on to get the consumption reports on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and daily stock reports.

Why there is no desktop version?

Our aim is to replace big setups from your Retail shop and make your work simple and handy. So we made a mobile version instead of the desktop.

Why there is no offline version?

We provide live time sync between the server and the software, which makes it possible for you to view the real-time order from your account each time your waiter takes an order using the app.

Do you have any an IOS app?

In the near future, we will develop the iOS version of the app and you will be notified via push notification and email when it is launched.

Is there any option to change the currency from BDT to USD

Yes, you can change the currency from the configuration page which is under the Setting option.

Is there any option for the Landscape mode or tablet mode?

Yes, of course! To activate the Landscape mode or tablet mode you have to turn on the option from the app’s settings.