5 keys to choosing a POS software for your restaurant

12th April 2022

POS systems used to be confined to cash registers that just opened and closed. But today, restaurant point-of-sale technologies have advanced into something similar to an operating system for your entire business. Choosing the proper POS system for your restaurant is a crucial choice that may have a huge impact on your bottom line. Picking the right POS for your restaurant will not only allow you to keep your business organized and productive but also will assist you in providing a high-quality experience to your customers.

There are certain crucial elements to consider when comparing POS software alternatives for your business. You may look up the following key factors while going through the selection process.

  1. Experience to users & customers

    Both your staff and your customers interact with your point of sale. The quality of the user experience should always be retained top of mind throughout the purchase process for the sake of your employees, who would have to adopt the system.

    Your POS system should allow you to take orders directly at the table. By eliminating the need for waiters to move between tables and a fixed counter to place orders and process payments, you will significantly increase the restaurant's productivity and table turnover. Additionally, consider investing in a POS system that includes loyalty program capabilities and tools. When customers make purchases, ask for their phone numbers and link them to an account within your loyalty program. They’ll be rewarded for frequent visits while you gather data on what your individual customers are buying. Also, consider the learning curve involved with a new POS system.

    It is important that your POS takes care of your customers’ benefits as well. After all, you're in the business of making consumers pleased. It is critical to have a POS system that improves the client experience. Customers like being able to see a contactless menu effortlessly split bills, pay online or via card POS, gather reward points, and get the right food in time.

  2. Data access and control

    You don't have to be at the restaurant all the time, but an outdated desktop-based system may make you feel like you do. That's very inconvenient when you only need to make a minor plan or menu alteration and have to come in on a weekend or late in the night. Choose POS software that allows you to view your data from any place and on any device and that allows you to manage everything in real-time, no matter where you are, whether it's a menu change, a scheduling dispute, or a payroll issue.

    Besides, you won’t want to share all your valuable data with your staff. To check if your POS software gives you the opportunity to control your staff’s access to the software. A good POS system will allow you to create unlimited user accounts and limit your staff’s access according to your choice.

  3. In-depth reporting system

    Restaurants take up a lot of financial and consumer data. If you want to maximize the value of that kind of available information, you need to have a system that includes sophisticated reporting. Look for POS software that allows you to produce real-time data and dig down into the variables that are valuable to the business. You'll be able to observe which dishes sell the most at particular hours and days, as well as which parts are the most profitable. You'll have a deeper understanding of how your employees are doing, your actual labor expenses, food expenditures, and the increase in new clients. And getting the reports via email can make your life easier than ever before!

  4. Security

    Costly IT support and manual upgrades become obsolete when security and maintenance are included in your software vendor agreement. To defend against employee carelessness and illegal information theft, modern point-of-sale software will incorporate automated data backups, configurable access limits, and data encryption. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your customers' credit card information is secure, and your PCI compliance duties will be erased as well. So make sure the POS software is providing the security for your sensitive data.

  5. Adds value to your business

    The most vital point is to evaluate if you getting added value from a POS system or not. A POS system provides you complete authority over your business's operations, making it more effective and productive, and by simplifying your internal procedures, your company becomes more profitable. One of the most significant advantages over other options is that a POS system will really save you money. Because of its automation, a POS system not only eliminates human error but also keeps a record of all sales and inventories at all times. The staff never have to spend hours counting stock since the system generates precise data.

    Transactions using a point of sale system are processed swiftly and flawlessly, allowing workers to service more people in a given amount of time. Because of their precise records of daily transactions, reports on stock volumes may be issued at any time, freeing employees from the onerous chore of stock counting, allowing them to use their time more productively.

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We want to ensure our clients are educated in order to make the best choice for their company — both today and in the future.